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“Space is architecture, it is a matter of proportions”


“Nature knows the big secret and smiles”
- Victor Hugo


“Simplicity, is the ultimate sophistication”
- Leonardo da Vinci


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality”
- John Lennon


“Flowers always make people better, happier, they are the food and medicine for the soul”
- Luther Burbank


Collaboration and trust is key to Green Planning Landscape Architects.

Collaboration and trust between you as client and us as designer is key to our way of working at Green Planning Landscape Architects. Our style is characterised by:

  • A correct relationship between space and mass, give the garden a magic atmosphere of calm and peace, without compromising functionality.
  • A strong layout of the garden by using evergreen structures, in contrast with loose perennials, where we find a solitaire as an eye-catching highlight.
  • We strongly believe in a careful choice of blooms of a variety of colours and scent using, native plants for their hardness, character and beauty.
  • Multi-trunk specimen trees, flowerpots and sculptures can be placed in the garden to accent important areas.
  • The element of water also plays a major role in plenty of our designs.
  • Maintenance-friendly planting and the use of durable materials ensure a result to meet your expectations.

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