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Design proposals

Residential garden

This almost 1 square acre big private residential garden combines a walled private family garden with several outdoor accommodations with a more formal entrance and a parking lot for up to 4 cars.

Leading up to the family residence a collection of date palm trees in shrub beds offer well needed shade for the family and visiting friends. The soft tones of the fountain accentuate the main entrance of the house. During evening hours this illuminated fountain brings a beautiful touch to this area.

From inside the residence several roofed terraces create a soft transition to the beautiful garden. Because of it’s scale, this garden was build up as different garden areas so all family activities have their own place.

From the garden entrance our view is drawn over the narrow pond to the sunken sitting area with a fire pit in the back of the garden. This architectural pond with several well lit fountains is also during evening hours a eye-catcher.

On the left side of this line of sight the typical plantation with date palm trees offer a nice background for a sculpture and surround the guesthouse with flower covered pergola facing the pond.

On the right side of the line of sight and visible from inside the residence, the pool area with jacuzzi takes us in the direction of the more natural and active part of this family garden. The travertine terraces surrounding the pool flow into the Olive tree garden with another bench as a resting point overseeing the pool and the sculpture.

A special garden room was created for the children. Artificial grass works as a flooring for the playground and from the gazebo the little ones can be watched during their activities.

A last sitting area with several seats around a water feature with fountain is covered by the date palm trees to bring the well needed shade.

All garden rooms are well thought of and offer an answer to all kind of activities of this family. The different lines of sight as well as the several resting points from where to glance at the garden invite the visitor of this garden to walk around.