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“Space is architecture, it is a matter of proportions”


“Nature knows the big secret and smiles”
- Victor Hugo


“Simplicity, is the ultimate sophistication”
- Leonardo da Vinci


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality”
- John Lennon


“Flowers always make people better, happier, they are the food and medicine for the soul”
- Luther Burbank

Green Planning Landscape Architects - Belgium - is a consultancy in designing outdoor greenspaces

To us at Green Planning Landscape Architects the word “Garden“ means: The creation of an area of seclusion around a house to offer protection and shelter.

This living space, no matter how small, should be the perfect place of rest and relaxation which we crave.

Therefore, it is important, to include garden design when planning a house as it is the garden that provides the link between a home and its surroundings. The surrounding landscape, the architecture of the house and your live style will define the structure and form of your garden.

Green Planning Landscape Architects works with you to create a garden unique in its aesthetics, through selections of plants combined with functionality. The experienced staff at Green Planning Landscape Architects guarantees a professional and dynamic approach.

We are passionate about quality and deliver the highest standard of follow-up to leave the client feeling satisfied and make the project a success.

Designing a garden is more than just a project.
It is something you dedicate your whole heart and soul to achieve. That is the only possible way. “Better a well done small design with a big heart than a big design with a small heart”.

The Company is based in Belgium – Europe - in the countryside of Flanders, between the famous resort of Ostend and the historic city of Bruges.

Chantal Blanckaert

landscape architect Belgium

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